Monday, February 20, 2017

The Trials of Olympus III King of the World

Angelo’s thrilling story comes to an end in this epic conclusion to the Trials of Olympus trilogy… Since his departure from Olympus, Angelo has overcome many trials and enemies. However, he is about to face his greatest challenge yet, as threats assault the kingdom of Greece from all sides. Can Angelo stop Xerxes, appease the gods, and win back Amara’s love? Help him as he fights enemies, builds temples, makes new allies, and transforms the world itself in an epic adventure that transcends the bounds of history.
– Epic story based on mythological and historical figures
– 100 challenging match-3 levels
– 32 upgrades to help you overcome challenges
– A wide world to explore and upgrade

Winter Magic Factory

Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay in Santa’s village in this match-3 adventure. Visit its landmark Toy Factory, Christmas Market in the square, Wood Cottage and Candy Workshop. Meet the cute characters that live in the village and take part in preparing Santa for the road. Grow magical trees of funny shapes, help decorate and choose the toys Santa will deliver to the children. Have fun matching in this festive and colorful wonderland.
Five chapters, 77 levels and 22 minigames
Grow Magical trees
Get Santa ready for the road
Choose gifts and decorations

Subliminal Realms Call of Atis Collectors

Your husband-to-be is sent to your hospital after being attacked on his diving boat. He’s not sure what happened, but he reveals a time capsule that he found nestled in the bottom of a lake, containing a strange artifact. This artifact will take you to worlds beyond your imagination! But beware, there is a dark force that is taking over these beautiful worlds and lures curious souls to their doom. Find your husband and save the worlds in this creative hidden-object puzzle adventure!
Experience another mind-bending adventure in the bonus chapter!
Replay Hidden-Object puzzles and Mini-games
Find collectibles to unlock a bonus puzzle!
Enjoy bonus concept art, videos, and the soundtrack.
Never get lost with the strategy guide.

Thanks to Velocity

Friday, February 17, 2017

Living Legends Beasts of Bremen Collectors

Your sister has been chosen to play at Bremen’s legendary music festival! But your joy is short-lived when a dark fog blankets the town and your sister goes missing! To top it all off, someone is transforming people into animals! Can you uncover the sinister magic at play and save the city? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Help a bumbling prince find a magic water source in the bonus chapter!
Collect lots of paper dolls and morphing objects.
Earn fun achievements as you play.
Get beautiful wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and more.
Replay mini-games and hidden-object puzzles until you master them.

Bestseller: Curse of the Golden Owl

Young writer Jane Harrison, a daughter of the famous detective, is going through a creative crisis. Her father vanished under strange circumstances while working on his last case two years ago. Jane sets off on a journey through the United States and unknowingly gets involved in an adventure with dangerous intrigue and shady characters. It turns out that the key to the mystery might be a cursed item…
Completely new experience of match-three game
Different challenging gameplay types
Bombs, stones and many more elements that vary the gameplay
Absolutely thrilling story set in the 1940‘s USA
Captivating atmosphere of real dark places

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Artifact Quest 2

Experience more match 3 fun set in an exotic location in this sequel to Artifact Quest. Travel to tropical locations and complete puzzles to uncover ancient artifacts in this incredible journey. On your way, help the locals by rebuilding their village.
Fun match 3 adventure for all ages
Rebuild the village
Uncover ancient artifacts